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And 1 thing that unites us:

A passion to source the best talent Latin America has to offer for ambitious SaaS products

From Brazil to global market — our team has roots in Latam

At Devhunt, we specialize in bridging the gap between your company’s needs and exceptional professionals ready to propel your business forward. Experience the ease of finding and hiring top-tier talent, perfectly aligned with your company’s culture and vision

Our Story

In the last five years, we’ve embarked on a journey of connecting talent from Latin America with scaling U.S. companies. Initially, our focus was on sourcing and allocating talent for businesses that lacked the time or resources to handle recruitment themselves.

As we grew, we discovered a significant need for a more integrated approach. Many companies were seeking to hire directly, aspiring to build a unified culture and foster a sense of belonging within their teams. This insight led to a significant expansion of our vision.

Instead of pivoting, we innovated. In 2023, we spun off Devhunt, a dedicated arm focused on bespoke recruiting services. Leveraging our network and expertise, Devhunt was born to cater to companies looking to directly integrate Latin American talent into their core teams.

Devhunt is more than a recruitment agency; it’s a bridge builder. We don’t just fill positions; we align talent with the culture and values of each company. Our mission is clear: to create harmonious, culturally cohesive workplaces by connecting aspirations with opportunities.

We believe in the transformative power of the right placement. As Devhunt, we carry forward the legacy of Trio, writing new stories of success, unity, and growth. Your story is our mission. Let’s write the next chapter together.

Known Crew Members

The code we live by

Embrace Innovation and Excitement

At Devhunt, we see beyond the conventional job placement. We’re not just matching skills with roles; we’re creating exciting opportunities that inspire both clients and candidates. Our work is about sparking enthusiasm and fostering groundbreaking matches in the tech world.

Be Kind

Our expertise is matched only by our commitment to human connection. We navigate the complex world of software development talent with a focus on kindness and understanding. Our approach is built on mutual respect and a genuine desire to support both clients and candidates.

Continuously Push Boundaries

In the dynamic landscape of tech recruiting, we believe in constant evolution. Every project is an opportunity to outdo ourselves, introducing more refined and effective strategies. Devhunt is committed to setting new benchmarks in tech talent acquisition.

Keep Learning

The best developers are lifelong learners, continually refining and expanding their skill sets. In tandem, we at Devhunt are dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. Our approach is rooted in ongoing education and adaptation, ensuring we always offer the best to our clients and candidates.

Escape the Ordinary in Tech Recruiting

Tired of the same old, cookie-cutter approach to software development recruitment? Join Devhunt in revolutionizing the tech recruitment landscape. We’re on a mission to find unique talent in who share our vision for innovation and excellence. Email us your cover letter and portfolio to start the journey.

Looking to propel your product into its next growth phase?

Over the past four years, Devhunt has been the catalyst for rapid growth in over 50 SaaS companies. We specialize in connecting these companies with top-tier software development professionals, ensuring your team is equipped with the skills and expertise needed for success.

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