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Empower your remote team with Brazilian developers! At Devhunt, we possess the resources and knowledge necessary to kickstart and execute your project seamlessly, leveraging the top-tier software engineering talent from Brazil.

Why Outsource Developers in Brazil?

U.S. businesses consistently turn to South America for outsourcing software development, and Brazil stands out for numerous compelling reasons.

Brazilian developers offer equal or superior quality compared to developers in other regions. Additionally, collaborating with South American developers allows U.S.-based businesses to operate within familiar time zones.

Now, let’s delve into some additional reasons why U.S. companies prefer to outsource developers in Brazil.

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Cost Reduction

Cost reduction remains the primary motivation behind outsourcing. Engaging software engineers outside the United States is consistently more cost-effective.

Outsourcing Brazilian developers also translates to significant reductions in overhead employment costs. This includes savings on recruitment, training, and any obligations associated with maintaining long-term staff.

Professional Focus

Outsourcing your software development needs means entrusting your project to a company with professional experience in helping businesses achieve their objectives. This assurance ensures that your application will be delivered on time and within budget.

Access To Resources

Outsourcing developers facilitates access to resources and technology through intermediaries. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often lack the tools needed to initiate projects independently or scale teams. By outsourcing to Brazilian developers, you’ll have everything you need to commence your next project seamlessly.

Scaling Flexibility

The ability to expand or downsize rapidly is a significant competitive advantage. Outsourcing to Brazilian developers grants your business the flexibility to scale up or down as needed, with relative ease.

Quick Integration

Outsourcing Brazilian developers provides a quicker alternative to hiring full-time in-house staff. The process of finding, selecting, and hiring software development professionals independently can be resource-intensive.

Why Hire Brazilian Developers?

It’s clear that outsourcing developers can unlock success for businesses needing to build web applications with limited knowledge and resources. But what makes Brazil unique among all the outsourcing locations?

In 2012, Brazil’s software market grew by 26.7%, surpassing China and ranking the country seventh globally in the industry. Both the government and private sectors have sustained its growth through recent initiatives from sending Brazilian students to study at prestigious universities abroad to providing tax breaks within the IT industry.

First and foremost, Chile’s government has made substantial investments in the country’s education system. In 2017, over a fifth of its total expenditure was allocated to education.

In line with this commitment, the University of Chile’s Department of Computer Science has earned a reputation for producing technology experts in the IT and software engineering industry.

Chile’s legal system supports efforts for foreign investors to engage. For instance, the visa acquisition process takes as little as two weeks, enabling startups to form close relationships with overseas developers.

An illustration of a man in a fedora hat looking at a computer screen displaying a magnifying glass over a growth chart, with the text "Market grew by 26.7%".

Some facts about Brazil:

– Capital: Brasília

– Population: 209.5 million (2018)

– Language: Portuguese

– Hourly rate: $25-$40 (USD)

– Famous for: Carnival, football superstars, Amazon rainforest

The United States too has invested wholeheartedly in Brazil’s success. The year after Brazil’s sudden market growth in 2012, the United States spent a total of 61.6 billion dollars in Brazil’s IT industry.

Recent years have shown the Brazilian real decrease in value while the US dollar increases. Such a circumstance gives United States businesses the opportunity to hire well-esteemed software talent at an attractive price.

Benefits of Working With Brazilian Developers

From a purely business perspective, outsourcing in South America comes with some noteworthy perks. A reliable team of developers from Brazil can bring you many advantages.

Price Quality

When working with Brazilian developers – and South American developers overall – you don’t have to worry about sacrificing the quality of work for lower prices.

While conversion rates from the U.S. dollar to any South American currency are favorable, the real value comes from the passion that Brazilian developers have for their work and their eagerness to participate in the U.S. tech market.

International Experience

Brazil attracts many global corporations that want to take advantage of the benefits remote engineers have to offer. Many talented developers have worked with global organizations on projects, learning new ideas and skills in the process.

Brazilian developers will more likely than not already have the competence to work seamlessly with businesses like yours, understanding the requirements of your regional market.

The Cost of Hiring a Remote Developer in Brazil

Brazilian developers tend to bring substantial experience and work ethic to the table beyond just the lower price tag.

Expect average hourly rates for an experienced software developer in Brazil between $25 and $75 depending on the complexity of the tasks, domain expertise, English proficiency, communication skills, seniority, and level of engagement.

When hiring a Brazilian software engineer or a development team, pay close attention to the references of potential hires, their previous experience with similar projects, and witness them in action to ensure you get value for your investment.

Hiring Brazilian developers can be a lucrative move for your business. Not only will you reduce costs, but you can guarantee a quality outcome for your next software project.

Contact us at Devhunt to explore how we can collaborate with your business and provide the software development team you’ve been seeking. Stop searching and start developing today!

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Strategic Tech Insight: Empower Your Team with Latin American Developers – FREE eBook Instant Download!
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With over 10 years of experience in tech recruiting, Alex has assisted in building teams across Cloud Computing, Virtualization, and SaaS Startups before co-founding Devhunt with his partner Daniel. Today he enjoys helping people hire the best software developers from Latin America and writing great content on how to do that!
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Why Should You Hire A Latin American Developer
Strategic Tech Insight: Empower Your Team with Latin American Developers – FREE eBook Instant Download!
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