How to Hire Top-Tier Laravel Developers for Your SaaS Company in 2024


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The Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern has emerged as a pivotal force, providing a structured approach to user interface (UI), business logic, and model data. For businesses seeking control and structure, frameworks like Laravel come into play.

If you’re eyeing a website built on the MVC architecture, Laravel could be your go-to solution. Let’s delve into the world of Laravel and explore its potential for your next web development venture.

What Is Laravel?

Laravel, an open-source PHP framework, stands as a testament to the power of the MVC architectural pattern. Crafted using Symfony components, Laravel simplifies web development by breaking down the development process into a culinary analogy. The controller, analogous to a chef, processes your request using model tools (kitchen), and the view is the delectable finished product delivered to your digital doorstep.

Developers cherish Laravel for its simplicity, maintainability, and adherence to object-oriented programming principles. Inspired by CodeIgniter, Laravel, spearheaded by Taylor Otwell, addresses gaps in features like built-in support for user authentication and authorization.

Since its inception, Laravel has evolved with regular updates, adding valuable features to enhance the development experience.

What Is a Laravel Developer?

A Laravel developer wears multiple hats, being a web developer, PHP expert, and back-end specialist. Proficient in MVC, Laravel developers navigate the intricacies of web development, ensuring robust back-end functionality.

Why Use Laravel?

Laravel positions itself as the framework for web artisans, and rightly so. Its elegant syntax, GitHub’s collaborative platform, and the philosophy of making development enjoyable underscore its appeal. Laravel integrates the best features of renowned frameworks like Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC, and Sinatra, offering a customizable and user-friendly experience.

Advantages of Using Laravel

  1. Dependency Management:

Laravel’s modular packaging system with dependency management streamlines the addition of functionality without coding from scratch. Developers can leverage Composer, Laravel’s dependency management tool, to create custom packages.

  1. Authentication System:

Laravel’s robust authentication system ensures secure access to information, safeguarding against unauthorized users.

  1. Object-Relational Mapping (ORM):

Laravel simplifies data manipulation through ORM, allowing developers to write queries using object-oriented programming, especially valuable in scenarios of object model and relational database mismatches.

  1. Command-Line Interface (CLI):

Artisan, Laravel’s pre-approved CLI, aligns with the framework’s mission, providing numerous pre-configured commands for web artisans.

  1. Automatic Testing:

Laravel prioritizes testing, automatically configuring the testing environment for developers, fostering reliable application development.

  1. Virtual Environment:

Laravel Homestead serves as the official development environment, offering developers the necessary tools for immediate development initiation.

Companies That Use Laravel

– 9GAG

– Pfizer


– MasterCard

– PedidosYa

– Sephora

Reasons to Hire a Laravel Developer

A website is more than a digital presence; it’s a symbol of a business’s brand, professionalism, and aesthetic. To ensure a powerful online presence, hiring a skilled Laravel developer becomes imperative.

How Do You Hire a Laravel Developer?

For those opting to navigate the hiring process independently, DevHunt provides valuable insights. While hiring, technical expertise is crucial. Non-technical managers can benefit from DevHunt’s detailed resource on the hiring process.

What to Look for in a Laravel Developer

Top-tier Laravel developers should demonstrate proficiency in:

– Effectively using object-oriented programming with PHP.

– Comprehensive knowledge of the MVC architecture.

– Prior experience with Laravel tools like Homestead and Composer.

– Mastery of Artisan – Laravel’s CLI – and its built-in commands.

– Proficiency in web development paradigms.

Developer Costs: U.S., South America, and Eastern Europe

– U.S.: The average annual salary for a Laravel developer in the U.S. ranges from $40,500 to $150,500.

– South America: With economic differences, the average salary for a Laravel developer in South America is around $100,000, with mid-level developers costing around $76,000.

– Eastern Europe: Similar to South America, a Senior Laravel Developer in Eastern Europe averages around $100,000.

Hourly Rates for Developers

Hourly rates, much like salaries, can vary based on expertise and demand. If you are working with vendors, then you will likely encounter hourly rate pricing. 

Why Hire a Laravel Developer with DevHunt?

DevHunt’s Laravel developers undergo rigorous vetting and training, ensuring they are adaptable to diverse challenges. DevHunt sets a high standard, recruiting developers with exceptional potential or skills and refining their talents further.

Beyond cost savings, DevHunt offers project management assistance, delivering a highly experienced full-time developer at a fraction of the cost. Collaborate with DevHunt to unlock unparalleled software wisdom and access top South American developers from Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil for outsourcing excellence.

Ready to explore the possibilities? Share details about your project with us, and let’s get started on your web development journey with Laravel.

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Why Should You Hire A Latin American Developer
Strategic Tech Insight: Empower Your Team with Latin American Developers – FREE eBook Instant Download!
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