Vue.JS: The Complete Guide to Hiring Top-Tier Developers for Your SaaS Company in 2024


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Since its debut in 2014, Vue.js has steadily ascended the ranks of popularity in the development world. The 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey places Vue.js as the third most coveted framework, trailing only React.js and Node.js. An impressive 14% of developers who haven’t yet embraced Vue.js express a desire to work with it.

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Unlocking the World of Vue.js Developers

Vue.js developers specialize in front-end web app development using the Vue.js framework. Beyond their mastery of Vue.js, these professionals are expected to wield expertise in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Commonly employed in the creation of single-page applications (SPAs), Vue.js demands a comprehensive understanding from its developers:

– Proficiency in JavaScript and Vue.js

– Mastery of HTML, CSS, and SPA design

– Familiarity with interface components’ designs, templates, and styles

– Problem-solving prowess, critical and analytical thinking

– Knowledge of various Vue.js testing methods

– Experience in automated JavaScript testing

Vue.js developers are renowned for their ability to tackle challenges on the fly and navigate flexible programming frameworks.

Why Choose Vue.js Developers in 2023?

Highlighted by the Stack Overflow Survey, Vue.js is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after frameworks among developers. Its surge in popularity aligns with its exceptional lightweight nature and functionality.

Key Attributes of Vue.js in 2023:

– Lightweight Excellence: Weighing just over 20KB, Vue.js stands out as one of the lightest frameworks. Crafted for rapid webpage loading, it ensures a seamless user experience.

– Rapid Learning Curve: Vue.js is user-friendly, allowing experienced programmers to delve into it within a day or two. Even those new to JavaScript can grasp Vue.js faster than many other frameworks.

– Seamless Integration: Vue.js facilitates uncomplicated integration with other JavaScript frameworks. Developers can customize existing applications effortlessly and borrow components from alternative frameworks. The multi-view-view-model architecture even supports the use of HTML blocks in Vue.js.

– Single-File Components: Leveraging the *.vue file format, Vue.js introduces single-file components. This innovative approach allows storing templates, logic, and styling of a Vue component in a single file.

– Virtual DOM Advantage: Vue.js developers gain access to the Virtual Document Object Model (VDOM), efficiently storing intended changes before reflecting them in the real DOM. This minimizes computational costs associated with updating every single change.

– Two-Way Data Binding: Simplifying user input synchronization, two-way binding updates the data model with UI changes and vice versa. This expedites development, ensuring smooth communication between the data model and the UI.

A man wearing a suit holding up a key with a list of reasons why Vue.js is good such as 1 Lightweight, 2 Easy learning curve, 3 Seamless integration, 4 Single-file components, 5 Virtual DOM advantage, 6 Two-Way data binding

Essential Skills for Vue.js Developers

While Vue developers should be well-versed in JavaScript, Vue.js, HTML, and CSS, the hiring process necessitates a clear understanding of what to seek in potential hires. Key skills include:

– JavaScript Proficiency: A baseline requirement, Vue developers should also exhibit knowledge of modern JavaScript features.

– Vue CLI Mastery: Essential for rapid Vue.js development, Vue Command Line Interface streamlines tasks and offers valuable features out-of-the-box.

– HTML & CSS Expertise: Crucial for Vue developers, proficiency in HTML and CSS is essential for developing the final web pages.

– GitHub Experience: Familiarity with GitHub, an online repository, is crucial for collaborative software development.

– Time Management: Vue.js development projects often demand time-sensitive execution, making time management a highly desirable skill.

– Communication Skills: Excellent communication fosters a positive work environment and ensures smooth client-facing interactions.

– Teamwork: Collaboration is integral to project success, making developers with strong teamwork skills valuable assets.

Cost Considerations for Hiring Vue.js Developers

Investing in top-tier talent often comes with a price tag. Hiring Vue.js developers can range from $40,000 to $160,000 annually, depending on factors like location, experience, and project duration.

– United States: Vue developers in the U.S. command an annual salary between $43,500 and $159,000, with hourly rates ranging from $33 to $82 for short-term projects.

– South America: Offshoring to Latin America provides cost benefits, with an average annual salary of around $100,000 and mid-level developers costing approximately $76,000.

– Asia: Vue developers in Asia are among the most affordable globally, with a 6-month project costing between $20,500 and $35,000.

Crafting a Vue.js Developer Job Description with DevHunt

As you embark on the hiring journey, a well-crafted job description becomes your beacon. Consider the following template and tailor it to your specific project:

Company Introduction

<Write a brief, compelling overview of your organization, including culture, perks, and benefits>

Job Description

We seek an expert JavaScript developer proficient in Vue.js to join our team. Your primary focus will be developing user-facing web applications and components using the Vue.js framework. You’ll ensure the production of robust, secure, and maintainable code, collaborating with back-end developers and UX/UI designers. Your commitment to teamwork, effective communication, and quality product delivery is crucial.


– Develop user-facing applications using core Vue, Vuex, and Vue Router.

– Build modular and reusable components and libraries.

– Optimize code for high performance.

– Implement automated testing integrated into workflows.

– Integrate Vue into legacy projects.

– Monitor security updates and propose necessary upgrades.

– <Include any additional responsibilities relevant to your project>


– Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in relevant fields.

– Proficiency in JavaScript and modern ES6+ syntax.

– Mastery of Vue.js framework principles.

– Understanding of HTML5 and CSS3.

– Familiarity with server-side rendering.

– Knowledge of automated JavaScript testing.

– Proficiency in modern development tools (Babel, Webpack, Git).

– Experience with RESTful APIs.

– <Include any other relevant technologies>

Vue.js Interview Questions Examples

For a thorough evaluation of candidates, use these interview questions:

– Why should arrow functions not be used in Vue instances when writing lifecycle hooks?

– How can Vue.js performance be improved?

– What are the advantages of utilizing VueJS Mixins?

– How to maintain state in an extensive Vue application?

– Is using variables for mutation types required?

– Describe the distinction between v-show and v-if.

– Explain Vue.js reactivity and common tracking issues.

– List common causes of memory leaks in Vue.js apps and their solutions.

– Why choose Vue.js over other front-end frameworks?

– Does Vue.js compute a property with reactive dependencies every time the computation is invoked?

– How would you test that a parent component responds to a child component emitting an event?

Where to Find Vue.js Developers?

Discovering the right Vue.js developers requires navigating the right platforms:

LinkedIn: Ideal for full-time opportunities and a vast candidate pool.

Upwork: A leading freelance marketplace with a broad pool of Vue.js talent.

DevHunt: Specializing in connecting companies with vetted developers worldwide, DevHunt offers instant access to skilled professionals. Enjoy the added advantage of avoiding hiring costs and streamlined HR responsibilities.


Hiring Vue.js developers demands careful consideration and investment. DevHunt simplifies this process, connecting you seamlessly with top Vue developers worldwide. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of hiring Vue.js developers at DevHunt and kickstart your Vue development project.

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Why Should You Hire A Latin American Developer
Strategic Tech Insight: Empower Your Team with Latin American Developers – FREE eBook Instant Download!
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